Local Art and History Comes Alive Near Loveland HomesLocated near Loveland homes, you'll find the beautiful and historic Loveland Museum and Gallery. This community staple is the perfect place to find out more about the local heritage and it's rich background, while wandering through rotating art exhibits that feature famous artists like Van Gogh and Picasso!

Founded in 1937, the museum itself is somewhat of a town artifact, and a popular outing for families and individuals who live in or out of the community. Visitors rave about the thought provoking art exhibits, the valuable historic artifacts from around the area of Loveland, and interactive classes and programs designed to bring culture and fun to anyone who steps inside the museums doors! Low prices and free admission on Fridays makes it an affordable and educational experience completely worth the trip, whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a newbie.

Young Explorers Find Plenty to Do and Learn Near Loveland Homes

If you're especially satisfied with your visit, there is a well stocked gift section where you can buy something small to commemorate your experience and show off to your friends and family! They'll all want to come when they hear what you have to say about the lovely museum and gallery!

There are also great classes, programs, and events constantly going on at the museum perfect for any and all personalities, interests, and individuals. From tear jerking poetry readings to interesting educational lectures pertaining to the museums current exhibits, the Loveland Museum and Gallery has it all. The best thing about the Loveland Museum and Gallery is the fact that it shows off the community from where it was to how it has come to be. Things may change, but what has not changed is the Loveland spirit. Family friendly, neighborly to anyone on the street, and inclusive to anyone are a lot of the things you will hear from residents, guests, and people just passing through.